The Royal Mint came to us to help devise a brand strategy to sell more gifting and commemorative coins to more people, more of the time. Effectively to get people to love coins.

We knew that we needed a brand line, but we also knew we had a lot of baggage to contend with. A thousand years of history for a start –we had to be reverent to an immense legacy, not belittle Britain’s oldest business with saccharine twaddle. Then there was the opposing challenge to be warm and captivating.

A series of client workshops, territory explorations and consumer research tests helped us uncover some insights and directions. The most telling thing was that when prompted, people really began to get engaged in the idea of gifting, bequeathing and collecting the things; shiny little time capsules to remember moments by.

Naturally enough, we were drawn to phrases like ‘to cherish’ or ‘to treasure’, but concerns ran deep about associations with pirate booty and parrots. That was until we conjoined the notion with ‘life’.

‘Life’ was the key to giving credibility, stature and a sense of wonder to coins. People made the connection between the coins and momentous times, remarkable people and achievements. It gave us a bit of a spine tingle I tell you.

‘Treasure for Life’ was born and is now being incorporated into all new marketing for coins and The Royal Mint visitor Experience.


All things must change, and in branding there is no more important thing to remind ourselves of, but our hope is that we have created something with lasting relevance and difference.