Ethical shouldn’t mean dull.

A significant proportion of our client base has remarkable ethical credentials; Organic Seed and Bean Chocolate –accredited as the most ethical chocolate producer in Britain by The Good Shopper Guide every year since 2011. Our newest client, Cafédirect has pretty much the same track record in hot drinks.

Zaytoun LLC is transforming the lives of Palestinian farmers struggling to keep their land and livelihoods. TruVibe Organics, is striving to bring the purest and cleanest super foods to your table.

Then there is the earth mother of Fairtrade –  Traidcraft, who pioneered the ethical trade business in the UK and helped establish The Fairtrade foundation itself.

But what all these businesses have seen is the need to develop mainstream appeal and a commercial attitude. To avoid worthy messages and visual language, but still get to the hearts of their consumers.

The process is simple -identify your true product differences and bring to life through your brand personality, through your packaging –  the thing that connects with consumers.

No brown bags, just bags of joy.