This week sees the launch of the latest UNREAL challenge to the corporate candy world – with a healthier and more sustainable nougat, peanut caramel and dark chocolate bar. Basically a better for you Snickers.

90 years after it’s conception, a viable alternative to this icon of countline bars has arrived  – and it’s absolutely delicious, yet more nutritious.

In the UK, for most of it’s life, the Boomers and Gen X’ers knew Snickers as a ‘Marathon’ Bar, suggestive of it’s energy giving qualities, way ahead of the functional snack market we have today. I for one used to love a Marathon post football (AKA soccer) match on a Sunday morning as a kid.

By 1990 it had globalised to Snickers (apparently named after a horse owned by the Mars family way back), although briefly as a marketing campaign, it changed back to Marathon late last year for a limited edition pack change- another Brexiteering bad idea…

Clearly Snickers is a massive and well enjoyed snack, with the annual global sales of Snickers in excess of $3 billion and with more than than 15 million bars produced each day! Unreal may not make a massive dent in that share, but even the tiniest bit will boost this genuine category disruptor  – both financially and in terms of brand reputation.