This article is about getting your brand ShelfHappy®

Through practice and insight we’ve hit upon a set of measures and tests that we think make for truly ShelfHappy® brands – happy consumers, happy retailers and returns.

It’s not rocket science, rather common sense, but the metrics are there to prove it works…

For instance, Seed and Bean Organic chocolate saw a tripling of its turnover in under 24 months.

Get More Gum extended its listings in Tesco from 900 large stores, to an additional 1100 Express stores, as well as filling stations.

Graze’s retail offer is now the UK’s No1 snacking brand worth over £40m.

Allinson flour’s rebrand helped them outperform the market considerably and grow ahead of total flour sales with a 4.1% increase in volume.

And it’s not all about the physical shelf – TruVibe Organics became one of Amazon’s top selling product ranges in superfoods, with a typical online conversion rate x 4 times higher than average.

ShelfHappy® is about making sure your brand idea is big enough, that your true personality comes across to consumers and you make a knock-out impact in store. There are some other measures we can share if you’re interested.

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