Most people in the industry know F&f as ethical and healthier food and drink brand creation and revitalisation team. It’s our absolute heartland and we are passionately dedicated to those categories. But we are also working with brands with a healthier attitude – fitness businesses like gyms, activity holidays and yoga centres.

‘Enjoyable calories in, enjoyable calories out’ is the mantra.

And just like food and drink, customer experience should be the focus of any fitness brand; it’s not about your back story, your sporting achievements as trainer or company owner, but what you can offer others.

Brands can be defined in terms of personality. Most of the world’s most successful (as in well-loved and well regarded) brands are characterised by their warmth and friendliness. It’s an industry cliché, but even the best tech brands like Apple thrive on humanity, not the details of the kit.

Digme Fitness, one of our ‘calories out’ brands, is one of the UK’s fastest growing indoor cycling and HITT gyms with authentic, training workouts. With an expanding training team and new studios opening up at fast pace, the brand wanted our guidance on maintaining brand culture.

As a result, Pro athletes and beginners alike are greeted with huge smiles with the encouragement that we can all ‘dig deep’ and achieve real results.

We’ve defined a clear brand direction for Digme and developed a look and feel to go across all aspects of the experience  – including  interiors, tone of voice, communications and naturally social media.

Instagram is now a key tool in any brand’s marketing mix.

We’ve given Digme a strong, curated look that combines fast-paced messaging, inspiring images and most importantly, a sociable, friendly brand personality.