Mornflake is one of the oldest brands in the UK, having milled since
1675, and produce a wide range of oats and other grain products.

Mornflake approached F&f with an intriguing proposal - a desire to incorporate oats further into
consumer diets.

For the new brand launch we wanted to shape the brand as a market disruptor by changing the way we perceive and use oats in our meals. The new brand was all about trying new things and transitioning from other products in category (rice, couscous)- as such, several strategies were discussed revolving around curiosity and adventure.

We developed the brand proposition “going with the grain” to draw inquisitive crowds in and build brand recall, and the name Oatmade was introduced as an intuitive ode to
the superfood.


To compliment the brand proposition, we created a vibrant and colourful visual identity- using the bold oat husk logo which enhances flavour cues and indicates freshness. Vegan and sustainability credentials are also clearly communicated on pack and throughout branding to ensure consumers are aware of the ethical efforts from the company.

Iain Lavelle, Head of Marketing at Morning Foods says of the launch: 

“It’s safe to say we are delighted with how the packs look, we attended the Natural and Organic Product Expo at London’s Excel recently and the feedback we had both on product and branding was excellent…”