Morning Foods is one of Britain’s oldest family businesses, having been milling oats for almost 350 years in Cheshire, UK.

We partnered with the company to radically revitalise its Mornflake ‘Mighty Oats’ range, bringing to life the brand’s desired positioning as a true leader in modern milling.

We’ve shifted the brand image, building on the idea of Mornflake being “A Force for Nature, healthy energy for people and the planet for generations to come”- which aims to combine the plentiful health benefits of oats with Morning Food’s dedication to sustainability and clean energy milling.

‘Mighty Oats’, once a sign off, has been elevated to the role of brand – symbolising the power that oats have in providing that dually positive energy.

A ShelfHappy® pack is one you can pick up, turn over and immediately engage with. 


Mornflake’s new look is a prime example of this, with manifesto-like messaging and poster style graphics supporting the story 360° across pack.

Messaging off-pack utilises impactful icons and imagery acting as shout-outs across digital channels; proudly highlighting the Mighty Oats range as a vocal advocate for healthy and modern nutrition and sustainability.

“It was a fantastic experience to work with the Family & Friends team. They really got under the skin of what we’ve stood for as a business for almost 350 years and brought the Mornflake Mighty Oats message to life in a succinct and considered way. One that we believe will deliver genuine stand out in the hot cereal category.”

Iain Lavelle – Head of Marketing – Morning Foods