London Tea boasts an exciting Fairtade range of fruity and herbal infusions with an amazing promise -to give back 50% of their profits to the farmers.

The brief was to get London Tea ready for Co-op and to bring their vibrant and exciting blends to a younger generation, with a design that true Londoners would feel proud of.

Pieced together imagery –manipulated photographs, illustrations and hand drawn textures – in the bold ‘LT’ monogram evoke the feel and spirit of real London, bringing to life the vibes on the street and moving away from the ubiquitous imagery of the skyline. Look closely and you’ll recognise tube seat fabric, a London bus, park railings, the Gherkin – even pigeon wings!

Bright, bold and punchy colours were also introduced – just like the big flavours in the cuppa and the city itself.


Bringing to life the vibes on the street and the real, lived London, moving away from the ubiquitous imagery of the skyline.

We transformed the existing ‘LT’ monogram by creating a unique look for each blend. Pieced together imagery – manipulated photographs, illustrations and hand drawn textures – evoke the feel of real London.  Look closely and you’ll recognise tube seat fabric, a London bus, park railings, the Gherkin – even pigeon wings!

Bright, bold and punchy colours were also introduced – just like the big flavours in the cuppa and the city itself!