We helped brand owners Purity Drinks get the right balance of taste and refreshment into the Firefly range of natural juices with a new look, whilst improving standout in store.

Our main objective was to shift perceptions of Firefly as a night-time tipple, to a calming moment of pleasure throughout the daytime; the idea of “Reset your nature” emerged as a top-line proposition. Firefly helps you enjoy moments of stillness, a subtly refreshing beverage to help you reconnect with nature- blending fruit juice with botanical and
herbal extracts.

The evolved proposition resulted in the creation of a more subtle packaging solution, using a semi-transparent substrate which helped give a more natural perception, whilst fruit and botanical illustrations added relevance to each SKU.

We strengthened the logo by adapting the firefly icon, using leaves as wings and  introducing a white holding label to optimise shelf blocking at retail.


Results: The Firefly brand is growing at 49% YOY which is over 3 times as fast as the total soft drinks category.

Within Firefly’s largest customer we have seen a volume up lift of 28% and an increase in NOBC (number of buying customers) by 35% since the launch of the new packaging.

Within retail (which has taken a little bit longer for the packing to reach market) we are seeing an uplift of around 10% in ROS.

“Firefly has been gaining real momentum over the last few years and we are excited to elevate the brand further with this new design refresh that ensures that the subtle elegance and unique still and complex flavours are really coming through in its design.” Sarah McIntyre Brand Manager - Firefly Drinks