For over 90 years, Dell’ Ugo has been making the most authentic and innovative Italian pasta in the UK.

But despite this amazing story, the brand and packaging was lacking a distinct personality and wasn't working hard enough on shelf.

Pasta has had a resurgence and is now seen amongst many as stylish, inventive and well worth the carbs –but none of this excitement exists in the supermarket; a generic category still based on traditional executions of Italian family meals.

We developed the big idea ‘A Modern Taste Obsession’, to celebrate their innovative, exciting products and move them away from the traditional family offer. The new identity is inspired by 1920’s Italian elegance, with an art deco feel reminiscent of when the brand started.

Dell’ Ugo created the category back in the 20’s for British consumers and is still progressive, exciting and obsessed with taste.


Ingredient shots by the expert food photographer Howard Shooter dominate the packs, bringing to life the obsession that Dell’ Ugo has with high quality ingredients and tastes and aiming at the curious foodies who love inspiring cuisine and want new taste experiences.

Dell’ Ugo created the category back in the 20’s for British consumers and is still a brand that is progressive, exciting and obsessed with exceptional tastes.