With over half-a-million deaths in the UK every year, at some time in our lives all of us will be affected by grief.

None of us know how we will react to the loss of someone close until it happens.

Linda Magistris, actor and TV presenter lost her partner Graham, only 62, to cancer several years ago and with it discovered that there was no organisation to really help her through the grief of losing a loved one.

As a result, Linda decided to found the Good Grief Trust, a new central database of support to help grieving families and individuals deal with the here and now, and to find a future. The charity exists to offer ‘Help and hope in one place’ –  a virtual hand of friendship and ongoing support, with a vision to bring together all available bereavement services together under a single umbrella of help.

Now fully established, the trust provides a first point of contact for the recently bereaved, offering advice, connections to other charities and organisations that best suit their needs.

Family (and friends) we brought in to help position the brand, along with creating a visual identity and copywriting support. The concept of ‘umbrella’ “actually fell out of the design process, looking at ideas to illustrate the combined notions of protection and togetherness”. Says Alex Durbridge, creative director at F&f. The umbrella then naturally became the logo, metaphorically deflecting rain, or grief in this case.

Orange was adopted as a colour to symbolise the hope of a brighter future, along with graphic elements such as clouds to suggest a clearing of dark skies.

Linda says  “The Good Grief Trust is run by the bereaved for the bereaved. We truly understand how it feels to lose those that we love. Our aim is to ensure that no-one is left alone to suffer unnecessarily. We are here to offer people all the advice and support they need today, and help them move forward with life tomorrow”.

Thanks to Linda’s tireless energy and network, aided by a strong brand presence, The Good Grief Trust had attracted a lot of interest from the media and gained the support of many well-known personalities (including Esther Rantzen), influencers, healthcare professionals and MPs.

‘Filling a Gap’ with Ester Rantzen https://youtu.be/fCh49L6Bv1Y