The Royal Mint is one of Britain’s oldest businesses, founded some 1100 years ago and today producing coinage for more than 60 countries worldwide. They make the coins that drive the daily transactions that underpin life. Trust that only ancient experience can wield.

But The Royal Mint is also a respected thought leader in secure trade and has developed unique intellectual properties, most notably in the creation of the new UK £1 coin, representing the future of currency.

Its pure start-up thinking.

So being old is good, but being new is better? Or is it better to be ‘the oldest start up in town’.

Working with The Royal Mint we discovered that this indeed was the special difference it possessed over and above any other global mint. This was the brand’s big idea.

This uniqueness was summed up in a three-word phrase: Established for Tomorrow.

Obviously there are many layers of brand thinking beneath these three words; defining brand values, customer benefits mapping, internal and external message crafting, tone of voice guides, stakeholder engagement sessions and so forth, but the new brand ‘promise line’ is penetrating both the board room culture and the shop floor attitude, because people get it.

Next week sees the opening of TRM’s new brand experience centre in Llantrisant, at their South Wales minting HQ. When the doors are opened to the world for the first time we shall see if the brand promise comes alive for the public too.